Renate Heidersdorf
Renate Renate Heidersdorf was among the first women granted membership
in the prestigious Canadian Society of Watercolour. Born in Germany, Renate came to Canada at a young age and has become a major artistic talent in capturing the essence and beauty of Canada's landscapes. She studied painting and engraving at Montreal's Ecole des Beaux Arts, and following her graduation with a specialist diploma in art education, she did post-graduate work in Munich, Germany.

A nature lover from early childhood, Renate found herself intrigued and stimulated by the shifting moods of the mountain landscapes in Quebec and Vermont.

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As a painter, she felt challenged to capture their elusive, almost mysterious spirit in her art. After experimenting with several media, she settled on watercolour as the most appropriate for expressing the subtleties she wished to convey. The results are often purposely vague, yet highly evocative: especially to anyone who has spent time in the mountains.

Perhaps, the most striking features of her paintings are their strong composition, the harmony of colours and their almost sensual use of light. Her works also display an unusual spontaneity due largely to the fact that she always works outdoors in close contact with her subject matter. It is this intimate contact that gives her paintings such a genuine feeling of place and atmosphere. In her landscapes, she suggests rather than dictates, combining a softness of line and color that invite the viewer to participate in the creative process. This sense of involvement is an important factor in the widespread appeal of her paintings and is one reason they retain their freshness even after long familiarity. Renate l'artiste

Renate's work hangs in many private and public art collections across Canada, the United States and other countries.


She has been the subject of several radio and television documentaries. Her paintings can be seen at La Palette Art Gallery in Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada.

In addition to her painter's career, Renate is also a talented teacher. Since 1967, she has operated one of Canada's most successful private art schools at her Beaconsfield studio where children from six to twenty are exposed to the widest variety of media. (Check the page on La Palette Art School).