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Over the past 40 years, LA PALETTE has become a concept and a landmark in the West Island of Montreal. Located in the heart of Beaurepaire Village, in Beaconsfield, the hundred-year old building, erected in 1907, has an European look .Situated at 480 Boul. Beaconsfield, it hosts an Art Gallery and an Art School.

The director of the gallery, Erik Graf, has recruited several artists of different nationalities and cultures.

The gallery's main room. A unique and warm ambiance.

Among others, you can admire the artwork of the late Ernest Heidersdorf, one of Canadas foremost painters of flowers. His work is found in the homes of art lovers as well as in many private and corporate collections around the World.The gallery also displays beautiful watercolors of his daughter, Renate Heidersdorf.

There is a variety of works in different mediums and styles that will please every taste and budget.This gallery offers a service of art rental, professional framing and restoration of paintings by specialists.

Reflecting the positive beauty of nature, the works illustrate the philosophy of this charming gallery. People have
a good feeling by walking through the gallery because of its wonderful ambiance. It enables potential customers to visualize how they could beautify the walls of their own home.

We invite the public to come to the LA PALETTE art center.
The detour and the visit is worthwhile.

480 Beaconsfield Boulevard  
Beaconsfield, Québec, Canada.  
H9W 4C4  

   Phone :514 695-0192 E-mail :


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Born in Germany, Ernest Heidersdorf and his family settled in Canada in 1953.The connoisseurs agree that he was one of Canada's greatest painters of nature. His natural style is unique and particularly in the Canadian floral painting. He painted the aesthetics of plants, their feel, their appearance to the eye, how they grew and how they interacted with other species.

Among his accomplishments, he painted the flowers emblems of the provinces and territories of Canada. More importantly, he has elevated to an art of painting flowers, creating works prompting us to the contemplation of nature. His work is found in the homes of art lovers as well as in many private and corporate collections around the World.

Even if he died in 1998, the family put on the market several of his most beautiful paintings on display in the gallery.

Ernest Heidersdorf Ernest Heidersdorf Ernest Heidersdorf Hollyhooks  Ernest Heidersdorf Summers flowers symphony  Ernest Heidersdorf Wild irises  Ernest Heidersdorf Roses  Ernest Heidersdorf


Born in Germany, Renate came to Canada at a young age and has become a major artistic talent in capturing the essence and beauty of Canada`s landscapes. After graduating in arts, she continued for forty years a double career, as painter and as director of the La Palette Art School in Beaconsfield. Lover of nature from her earliest childhood, Renate Heidersdorf has captured in her painting the details of seasonal changes in our landscapes.

The most striking features of her paintings are their strong composition, the harmony of colours and their almost sensual use of light. People are struck by the longevity of the freshness of the work even after years in his presence.

Renate`s work hangs in many private and public art collections across Canada, the United States and in other countries.

Lake of two mountains 4  Renate Heidersdorf Belle toile Renate  Renate Heidersdorf Winter large  Renate Heidersdorf New mushroom  Renate Heidersdorf Real dogwood  Renate Heidersdorf Inuit fisherman  Renate Heidersdorf Woman in the nude Renate Heidersdorf img033  Renate Heidersdorf Tournesol  Renate Heidersdorf City  Renate Heidersdorf


As a teenager, he perfected the art of drawing and is particularly interested in oil painting that he prefers among all. In 1984, he successfully held his first solo exhibition. He exhibited regularly since then in several art gallery.

His many trips took him to Charlevoix, Gaspésie, Saguenay, in the Eastern Townships and especially in Lower St. Lawrence, land of his ancestors. His favorite subjects are landscapes representing the interaction of elements and their transformations constantly renewed. The changing seasons are his favorite targets because there is both an emotional and spiritual comfort.

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