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Born in Ukraine Tanya Axiuk settled in Quebec in 1951. This renowned artist studied design in visual art, drawing, and sculpture. She has exhibited solo in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa as well as in numerous galleries across Canada.

Throughout her 40 years as a professional artist, Tanya Axiuk has won numerous awards. Although her subjects are varied, she is known for her oil paintings representative of flowers and gardens, beautiful still life, landscapes and enchanting Ukrainian themes.

Her paintings are part of different private and corporate collections across Canada, the United States and Europe.

Tanya Axiuk1_1 Landscape4_1  Tanya Axiuk Tanya_axiuk_3  Tanya Axiuk Tanya Axiuk2 Jardin3_1  Tanya Axiuk Ukraine4_1


Nicole Grise`s watercolors are made of a delicate touch and simple gesture which is directed to a processing place as free and airy. Fascinated by the beauty of nature and people, her works are filled with emotion and atmosphere. She paints the sweetness of a moment, the expression of a feeling, a fleeting light and all forms of harmony.

Nicole Grise Nicole Grise Nicole Grisé Nicole Grisé Nicole Grisé Nicole Grisé


She has participated in over 30 group exhibitions, had three solos and received many awards. She is well known for her work as a portraitist. Her work is in several private and public collections.

In 2005, Lise Saint-Cyr discovers watercolors on canvas. Different paper, this support gives her a new freedom and spontaneity. It develops a technique with a figurative and abstract background painted with a gesture completely free, without preconceived ideas, guided by emotion.

Danse au château  Lise Saint-Cyr Envoutement Lise Saint-Cyr  Stcyrli_07 Lise Saint-Cyr Les premières Lise Saint-Cyr Red_carpet_15x30_watercolor_on_canvas  Lise Saint-Cyr Feuilles d'automne Lise Saint-Cyr


Born in Germany, Hilda Deiss immigrated to Canada in 1965. Her love for painting expressed at an early age.

Hilda loves the diversity and experiment with colors and shapes. She paints landscapes in oils in a more traditional style, but uses a wide variety of techniques for her figurative works that are more contemporary and imaginative.

Hilda Deiss Hilda Deiss
Hilda Deiss Hilda Deiss


Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, she spent her school years to move from city to village. That`s how she learned to love nature and the outdoors. Art has always been part of her life. Several of her landscapes are inspired by her trips hiking and canoeing in the Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario and the Pacific Rim Park Reserve in British Columbia.

You can see her paintings in group exhibitions of the Association of Lakeshore artists and of the Association of Artists of Beaconsfield.

Lois Baines 1 Lois Baines 2
Lois Baines 3 Christmas time  Lois Baines


Her interest in painting is in the places where the natural landscape and the environment by humans meet.

She likes watching the models that are both environments, especially in contrast with each other - the more rounded forms and varied natural landscape elements against the more rigid and regular landscape by humans.

She paints in oils and pastels.

Susan Strater Susan Strater
Suzsan Strater Suzsan Strater