La Palette Art School
Renate HeidersdorfRenate Heidersdorf, school director and well known artist, studied painting and engraving at Montreal's École des Beaux Arts graduating with a master's degree in art education. Post graduate studies followed in Munich.

Surrounded by plants, animals and other stimulants, students discover art in a place where their imagination is free to soar.

Renate's class

Students are encouraged to be inventive and innovative, developing self confidence and enthusiasm in their artistic expression. They learn to observe and develop the skills necessary to express that which they see and feel.

Heidi's Robot

To encourage full artistic and creative potential, students are exposed to a variety of media including pencil, charcoal, pastel, pen and ink, watercolors, acrylics, silk paints,Eskimo porcelain paints and airbrush. Three dimensions are explored as students are shown how to shape copper, wire, wood, soapstone, metal, papier mâché, clay and fimo.


In our fast-paced society students find a positive escape. At La Palette Art School, we feel that any young child exposed to art at an early age, will walk through life as a richer human being.

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Children may start at age 6. Classes are offered for different age groups, including adults; every day except Sunday.